Archiphony, Architecture and Phonos
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Senza Misura (duration app. 15')

Senza Misura is an audio-visual work of art with a focus on soundquality of matter and the compositional potential of sounds elicitted to construction material in architecture.

Senza Misura is an adventurous piece of music meant to experience architecture in a new, enriched way, as a sense-specific feast for ear and eye.  

Senza Misura invites people to become aware of the enormous aesthetic acoustic potential in existing and future architecture.

Senza Misura is an immersive sound presentation,seducing the audience to serious listening.

Senza Misura is an archiphony emphasising the simplist, explicit, most direct relationship in matter and sound.

Senza Misura is a work of art dealing with new sounds, new ways of producing sounds, combining these sounds; playing with suspense, density, mathematical principles and humour. 

Senza Misura must be performed by professionals due to it's complexity but the practical objective of the archiphonic approach is to seduce people to use the architectural environment in a playfull manner (Every one of us may remember the fence and the rattling sound we produced by running a stick along its bars).


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